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What If...

What if you could make my demons go away,

And your presence in my world started stealing my breath?

What if your love could put my feet and mind on earth?

What if your everlasting sweetness made me recover my faith?

What if I could finally find true love in your eyes,

And I started dreaming all day with having you by my side?

What if, because of you, all my fears I put aside?

What if I forgot the past with one single smile?

What if, while building bridges, you helped me to break my walls?

What if it were love what I’m feeling, and not just my selfish pride?

What if it were true what people say of us when you’re around?

What if you could change my expectations and past desires?

What if your influence in my life could make me a better being?

What if your faith and passion inspired my own passion for Him?

What if you became just exactly what I always dream,

And the person you love and write about were no other but me?

In other words, what if it were God’s will that we stay together

To sanctify a love that is going to last forever?...

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